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How I found my way to blogging
February 4, 2017 1
I originally thought blogging wasn't for me, but after doing some soul searching, I realized that there is something special about documenting my passion for hair, people and places. I also realized that blogging would give me another platform to connect with my clients, friends, family and followers. My drive to blog started from a conversation with a client/friend. During her regular visits, I would always update her on new products and my latest projects. One day she said, Eden, you have to start blogging ASAP. Her nudge and encouragement from other clients and friends, gave me the courage to bring my blog to life. Honestly, from there, I didn't know where to start, but that same client helped me jump start my blog and I'm forever grateful for her nudge and support. So that's how my blogging journey started and I'm excited to write about everything that I'm passionate about! If you don't know by now, coloring hair is my passion and through my blog you will see that culture is my life and collaborating with other creative professionals on behind the scene projects is my vision. I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey! Most importantly, I would love to use my blog to build better relationships with you, so feel free to comment on my blog or email me! Stay tuned for my next post about (Simple Sunday super Bowl special ) XOXO 💋
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Simple Sunday
February 4, 2017 0
9N6A9231 1 Sunday is my lazy day, unless I have a big event like a wedding or photo shoot.So, it's my simple and cute hair day. My hair can be in a bun or pinned up, regardless, I just want an effortless hair style. I know you probably feel the same way, so I wanted to share one of my secrets to creating an effortless bun! Guess what?! whether your hair is short or long, you can achieve this look! First, put your hair in a ponytail, then take sections of your hair and gently tease each section. After the teasing, start wrapping your hair to form a bun and secure the bun with bobby pins. Of course every bun is different, but once finished, you should have a bun similar to the talented Singer @marissa Do you have a simple hair style that you like to do?  #hairstylebyeden  #hairstylebyeden  
Investing in quality Hair! 
September 14, 2016 0

One of the biggest mistakes some people make is forgetting to invest in quality hair. I always tell my clients to invest in good quality hair. My motto is, nice hair isn't cheap and cheap hair isn't nice.

If you don't already know this, selling hair has become one of the most sought after businesses to get into, but not everyone knows what it takes to find the best hair on the market. In return, people are stuck with purchasing poor quality hair and most of the time they don't even know it.

I know buying hair is a huge investment and it's just easy to buy the cheapest hair you can find, but unfortunately you are wasting your money. Why? If you wear extensions most of the time, and aren't purchasing completely raw and unprocessed hair, you will end up buying new hair every time you are ready for a sew in. That means if you decide on not investing in quality hair initially, you will end up spending a lot more money on a yearly basis.

I completely understand if it's a financial thing, but I just want you to know that investing in good hair means you can continue to use the same hair for up to one year, the hair has no fillers or synthetic fibers and has not been treated with chemicals. Those are just a few things you should lookout for when looking to purchase extensions. I hope you find this information useful and please reach out to me if you have questions or if you are interested in my exclusive line of hair extensions that will definitely meet your needs!

photographer- will Sterling

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It’s All About the Hair
March 8, 2016 0
Kelly-Rowland-for-Mane-Addicts-Editorial-BellaNaija-June2015001   Sometimes, it's not all about big hair or long hair. The simplicity and the creativity in a hairstyle can say it all. Knowing what fits you is the key. Think about the shape of your face and what suits you best. What color works best with your complexion? Believe me, it makes all the difference; it's about taking a picture to your stylist and showing your stylist exactly what you like, so he or she can use the picture as a starting point to create a custom style just for you. It's also important to collaborate with your stylist, so he or she can provide you recommendations that will enhance the look you are seeking. All in all, trust your stylist.... we work better when we know our clients believe in us.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

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