Who is ready for beautiful sunny weather? 
Well, I definitely am. I am excited to see all the beautiful hair colors, beautiful glowing skin and maxi dresses. It’s also the perfect time to rock the perfect balayage look or become a blond bombshell. Also, you can never go wrong with simple highlights to frame and brighten your face. 
Oh and I can’t wait to see big curly hair, full of layers and shine. Let’s not be dull this season! Do something fun and different with your hair. 

But before you hit the salon for any color treatment, don’t forget to prep your hair. I recommend an oil treatment with a good shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Please continue this regimen after getting your hair colored, this will help keep your hair healthy. 
Why should you do this? Well, when you color your hair, you are stripping the moisture out of your hair, so taking care of your strands is extremely important. Also, pool and beach time is almost here, so chemicals or salt water can dry out your hair. 
Make sure you talk to your stylist to discuss how you can color your hair and keep it healthy. 

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