Hanging with my Girls!

  • Yesterday was an amazing day! it was my niece Yoyo’s birthday and we had an amazing time celebrating her. After the celebration, we ended up hanging out at my sister’s house and when we all get together, it’s time to play!

While we were hanging out, someone suggested we try a nail press-on kit. Remember back in the day, when you couldn’t afford to get your nails done, so you went to a beauty supply store and purchased press-on nails, but most of the time you were disappointed with the end result.
Well, a lot has changed since those days and thankfully press-on nails have evolved. We tried the ImPRESS kit that one of my friends purchased from the store and believe it or not, her nails turned out really nice ?? so my friends suggested, I blog about this quick DIY nail kit.

The kit provides step-by-step instructions and honestly we are pleased with the end result. I know you are probably still skeptical, so check out the below before and after picture, plus a bonus picture of my niece Yoyo.

This kit is perfect for single moms, the DIYer and the woman on the go or on a budget. My friend who uses this kit on a regular, says the kit can last about 2 weeks, if applied as instructed.
P.S. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you don’t have time to go to the nail salon then try the kit and let me know what you think! imPRESS

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