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Hi there, my name is Kenya! I am also known as PowerInYourCurl on YouTube and Instagram.

I have been natural for eight years, and throughout my healthy natural hair journey I have come to learn that a fantastic salon appointment begins at home. I can remember years ago, when I was fresh to the world of healthy hair care. I would dream about going to the salon with dry, damaged hair, and then that one appointment would turn all of that around so that when I left, my hair would be healthy and full of life. After a few disappointing visits to the salon, I had to accept the fact that this simply is not true. Think of a hairstylist as an artist and your hair as a canvas. If you give an artist a canvas that is a little beat up and ripped up in some areas, even if the artist paints the most beautiful picture on the canvas, you would still be able to tell that the canvas was not in the best condition to start. Now on the other hand, if an artist paints that same picture on a canvas that is smooth, has no rips or tears and maybe it isn’t perfect but it has minimal damage; this second portrait would be brighter, bolder and the overall look would be more polished than the previous portrait.
It is important to take care of your canvas at home so that when you go to the salon the final portrait will turn out even better than you imagined! To help you maintain the best canvas that you can, I want to share my top five tips to get and keep healthy hair in between salon visits.


1.Deep Condition every time you wash your hair

Think of deep conditioning as feeding your hair. You should be consistently feeding your hair nutrients and moisture in order for it to thrive and grow.


2.  Detangle your hair gently

I know it can seem like our hair is resilient to anything and can stand up to any abuse, but in actuality, our hair is very fragile. To minimize breakage when you are detangling your hair take your time and go through your tangles gently. I have found that finger detangling is best at minimizing breakage for me but you can also use a wide tooth comb and start at your ends and comb your way up to the roots.


3. Use quality products

 Using hair products that do not contribute to your hair’s health will only hinder your hair from reaching its maximum potential. I recommend using organic and natural hair products because the ingredients can feed your hair nutrients that help to keep it healthy.


4. Trim your hair consistently

You may not have to trim your hair yourself if you frequent hair salons often, but for me, I must trim my hair on my own from time to time because I only visit salons about once every year to year and a half. Even though I am not going to a salon, I still stick to a three-month trimming schedule so that I am getting rid of any split or dry ends throughout the year.


5. Protect your hair

Rubbing your hair against materials that cause friction leads to breakage and dry hair. Be sure you are always tying your hair up in a satin or silk scarf/bonnet before bed. Even when you wear hats or beanies, you want to protect your hair by having a silk or satin barrier between your hair and the head covering.
Hope you find this information helpful!

Please feel free to ask all the questions we will both be happy to answer them!

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